I am a retired Professor of English from the University of Ottawa.

My writing and video-making focus on feminism’s bigotry and misrepresentations.

In particular, I contest the dominant idea that feminism once did good or “was genuinely about equality.”

I seek to demonstrate that from its beginnings in the Anglosphere of the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, feminism has promoted hatred of men, social dysfunction, and victimhood ideology.

The vast majority of feminist leaders, even or especially those considered the “good feminists,” were female-supremacists who believed that men brought little or nothing good to society.

I also contest the idea that feminism was necessary because nineteenth-century Anglophone society was unjust to women, that men of the past did not care about women, and that women were treated as objects or property.

Only by understanding the truth about feminism, past and present, can we break free of its destructive impact.

Please check out my videos on the history of feminism: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6DVPc51R5HJl8tlNASZKfA/videos

And remember: Inside every equality-touting feminist is a man-blaming female-supremacist.

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The Fraud of Feminism Past and Present


I am a retired Professor of English with a long-running video series about the fraud of feminism