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Janice, thanks for another amazing article. Just a couple of related issues:

- it's long been known from studies of incarcerated (male) rapists in the US and UK that the majority of the men were sexually assaulted when they were children by one or more women, sometimes their own mothers. Perhaps we should teach women not to sexually assault children. Women's sexual abuse of men, women and children is more common than publicly perceived. I've been informed that women in rape shelters are a target for predatory lesbian feminists. We cover the issue of sexual abuse on pp.51-7 of our election manifesto https://j4mb.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/221128-J4MB-manifesto-3.pdf.

- lesbian feminists (e.g. Julie Bindel in recent decades) have long been among the most active and influential campaigners against prostitution, pornography and others sex-related work. It's difficult to imagine heterosexual men telling lesbians who they can have sex with, and how.

Mike Buchanan

Party leader



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Outstanding essay! So many fascinating and novel ideas. I loved this sentence:

"Notable in many of these discussions was the implication that something had been done to women that required redress from others, particularly men, who needed to be summoned from their mindless rutting to protect women from yet another patriarchal last-laugh."

So well said Janice!

It makes me wonder what might be driving this, what might be anchoring the envy, hatred, and resentment? One thing that comes to my mind is the possibility that today's women who have attached themselves to the idea of "being like men" is that a necessary loss from that decision is the loss of the role of comforter. What impact might this have on women? When I was young, women prided themselves as being very capable in comforting their children and those they loved. They would not dream of sub-contracting that capacity. Now kids are sent to day care so that their moms can be middle managers. This is a loss for our culture but I wonder if it is not an even bigger loss for those women?

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Very good piece and I can agree with your conclusion that once glimpsed, feminist disgust with and envy of male sexuality reveals itself with unnerving persistence across the history of feminist writings.

I'm reminded of an article written by psychoanalyst Gerald Schoenewolf titled 'Gender Narcissism And Its Manifestations' in which he analyzes feminist individuals and finds most of the things you mention in the above article. He mentions for example that the gender narcissist has;

- Inferiority/superiority feelings about one’s gender;

- Excessive concern about one’s genitals;

- Envy of or disgust toward the genitals of opposite sex;

- Resentment of one’s gender role and envy of the role of the opposite sex;

- Bitterness about feeling castrated or cheated

- Idealization (grandiosity) about one’s own gender and devaluation of opposite gender

FWIW, a long excerpt from his paper can be found at AVfM under the heading 'Feminism and Gender Narcissism' : https://avoiceformen.com/featured/feminism-and-gender-narcissism/

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Slut walks. I ask you. These women want to celebrate the right to have sex with as many men as they want and not be judged for it. But they don't celebrate that the world has millions of men in it to have sex with. And should a man join in this celebration from the sidelines with a wolf-whistle, letting these women know he's in the market for their rights, well that's the end of him.

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The process is exactly the same as for non-sexual feminist 'grievance'.

The process is as follows;

1. Some women feel dissatisfied with some aspect of their life.

2. They externalize the dissatisfaction as someone is doing something to them to cause the dissatisfaction rather than resulting from their own choices.

3. The cause of the problem is identified as men particularly low status men.

4. Evidence is found for 'injustice' by comparing the apparent satisfaction of the very highest status men to their own dissatisfaction. The difference is represented as evidence of unfair treatment.

It's never ending. Very few people have a perfect life so step 1 is common place. Step 2. is a natural step because no one wants to blame themselves or accept responsibility for their own situation. Step 3 is a natural step for women given human cognitive biases. Step 4 is easy because their will always be a very successful few who at least appear to be far better of.

If we actually were to talk about sexual advantage and disadvantage then do men, particularly average men really have it better than women? A moments consideration would reveal how absurd this is. Women control access to sex. The average women has far more access to sex if she chooses than the average man. Women also control all of the consequences of sex. The imbalance of power for all but a tiny elite is massively tilted in women's favour. Why else do incels exist? Is a strong generally unfulfilled desire for sex an advantage?

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God created man and woman. He made them DIFFERENT! I hope you are a believer in Christ, but even if you are not (you should consider believing, it matches your worldview), you understand male and female differences better than 95% of Christians.

If you read the first few chapters of Genesis, you will see that women are inferior to men. That is a strong statement indeed. But the woman was created FOR man. She was not created EQUAL.

Women are emotional. They need a calming influence. Just look at how single women vote, for goodness sake. They want government to take care of them! Married women, for the most part, don't have this problem, they have a man.

And since I MUST say this to quash those who read this and begin clutching their pearls, YES, a man needs a woman, but not in the way a woman needs a man.

Glaring example. In single parent households headed by a woman, the children's life outcomes are dreadful compared to an intact family with both biological parents present in the home. Boys drop out of school, commit crime, go to prison (check out the % of men in prison who had no father in the home, you will be shocked) at MUCH higher rates and are generally uncivilized simply because they had no civilizing influence growing up. Few women can perform this civilizing role although there are some rare examples. Girls without fathers in the home tend toward promiscuity at an early age, become single moms and so forth.

OTOH, in households headed by a single man, the children's outcomes, while slightly diminished, are quite close to the outcomes seen in an intact family.

Another example. Except for the last 200 years or so, and pretty much only in the "civilized" West, a woman without a man to care and protect her was so much chattel and subject to the whims and desires of men. And please understand, "civilization" as we know it, is NOT the default way life has been lived for thousands of years. I fear we will see a return to life as nasty, brutish and short in our lifetimes.

Another. In survey after survey, both men and women overwhelmingly prefer to work under the management of men rather than women. Wonder why that is? Hm.

Now, this is exceedingly jarring to the modern mind. But prior to the late 19th century, this was received wisdom for all of human history. And societies and cultures were better off for it.

Feminism has destroyed the family, the church, the culture and now, it is destroying women as we see with the trans movement. It is literally erasing women from our world. THAT is a BAD thing! For women are a blessing to men and children. Who else can change the temperature of room or cocktail party than a happy, beautiful woman?

Love your writing. You speak the truth.

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As an official old guy, i must tell you how satisfying it is to see these jerks slowly twisting in the wind. As comments elsewhere on here explain its always been about male hatred, the envy of the confident, self sufficient male who needs no-one other than himself, his focus and his learned skills to make his way through the obstacle course of life.. Feminism and Feminists who still hold the burning sword of victimhood aloft bring every woman under its dark penumbra.

After almost 80 years of this bullshit consider that men with successful careers or business’s no longer hire or mentor young woman of promise out of fear of a sexual lawsuit.

Men would rather go their own way than set themselves up to be raped by the Courts.

Most of the women, one see’s recently in appointed positions of power (hello current Liberal caucus/ US cabinet) are such morons, it’s a guilty pleasure to watch them be-clown themselves on social media.

Feminists congratulate themselves on allowing mediocre men to beat, pummel and triumph over naturally talented elite women in the name of Progressive Feminism.

The list, I dare say, goes on…and on. And this they have the nerve to tell us is progress for women

Call it Penis Envy (just how did that surgery go, anyway? Oh, just give it time, I’m sure they’ll workout the, uhm, kinks), male hatred, progressive feminism, whatever, the rats in the maze are running out of places to run and the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. When it does make sure you put on your pussy hats, place your head firmly between your knees and get ready to kiss your collective ass goodbye.

What did the Abrahamic religions learn and know about Male/ Female relationships that we in the secular west have yet get our heads around. Ya know I always wondered. Hmmm?

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And who says you don't have a sense of humour, Janice?

A very good chuckle. The only problem is that is a serious issue, that only a woman could articulate. A man would be hung out to dry and shamed mercilessly for the rest of his life.

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Congratulations on your very thorough fisking of these so-called "feminist" theorists, whose ideas are intellectually shoddy and rife with what can only be viewed as utter disregard for reality and stupidity of the first water. Although it is not necessary, due to your thoroughness, I would like add my perspective on the situation, it now appearing that yet another anomaly in the world of "feminist theory" has arisen, courtesy of the "transgender/transexual" fad lately sweeping the woke nation. That is, "feminist" support for men who think they are women. Although there are some among that crowd who decry this phenomenon, most have rallied to the cause. I submit it is because "feminism" has NOTHING to do whatsoever with the advancement of women qua women; it is based exclusively on hatred and envy of men. Having a penis is merely a symbol of the larger essence of maleness, which is the focus of their hatred. Bitterness is their brew of choice, taken with a large dose of choleric and wormwood. They support the trannies because they view them as allies in their war against men, much as wartime enemies view traitors as allies. ("The enemy of my enemy is my friend.") After all, what more effective repudiation of all things male could there possibly be than a biological man who voluntarily chooses to become a... not-man? (I almost said "woman," but obviously these ersatz females are not "women", merely delusional.) It is to laugh, however at the outcome of the charade, whereby the best "women" are actually "men" who supplant them in every field of endeavor, from athletics to academia.

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Tops off to Janice for finding the craziest picture possible to go with her analysis of the feminist claim that men get more out of sex than women. How do these women know that, actually? To show solidarity with the envious victims, I'll take my afternoon walk without my neck scarf. Too cold to go topless, and anyway I'd get arrested.

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BRILLIANT AND TRUE as always Janice. It is also in the bible that wo-MEN are jealous of a MAN'S authority but secretly crave to be under it!

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Well Janice, this will certainly have some gender studies profs stomping, screeching and hurling balls of fire. Feminist’s arguments are not in fact with men, or even with culture(s). Their beef is with nature herself. Penis envy is just the tip, so to speak, of the iceberg.

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Hi Janice, If you’re interested in a short, clear — but still sophisticated (non-political) — description of the topic from a contemporary psychoanalytic perspective you probably couldn’t do better than that presented in “Phallus, Penis and Mental Space” in Dana Birksted-Breen’s The Work of Psychoanalysis: Sexuality, Time and the Psychoanalytic Mind (London: Routledge, 2016), 126-138. Also, I enjoy and thank you for your work.

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Thanks Janice! You're spot on in your description of the convoluted and hateful sexual dynamics today. It's very sad. I feel for young men today. Comments about a law in England to criminalize the 'wolf whistle' is trending on Twitter. I haven't verified it but I'm not surprised. Ironically, it's gender neutral but we know who the target is.

There have always been neurotic people with hangups about sex. The difference is that the women in this group have tremendous power and influence. The misandrist women's studies groups in academia are poisoning young women's impressionable minds. Then the media gives them a platform. If colleges clamped down on teaching hate, that would make a difference. But many administrators and politicians were too cowardly to do it. Now it's extremely difficult. It's destroying our country and making its citizens miserable.

I watched an interesting YouTube video by John Stossel about legal prostitution. I'm pointing this out as an example and not as an argument for or against legalized prostitution. Towards the end of the segment he brought together some legal prostitutes and a female DA. The prostitutes said they liked their jobs and wanted choice. The DA was pandering to them as poor helpless victims. Even when they were face to face and challenging her fake empathy and hypocrisy. It's worth watching. https://youtu.be/Z23yQFx6MJ0

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Penis envy is one of Freud’s best marketing terms, which probably occurred to him in one of his cocaine-induced reveries. Perhaps the extensive list of feminist excess you list is more easily understood as mere hatred of actual men by the dyke type of lesbian who feel more entitled to women’s bodies and sought a way to get better access and control. Of course not all feminist leaders were exclusively homosexual, and for them obsession with power born of their rage against nature for birthing them as the weaker sex knows no bounds.

At a party once a woman mentioned thar she and her women friends spent the previous evening dancing around a dildo in an attempt to rid themselves of the desire for the real thing. Maybe I should’nta said that was her comment as she saw the befuddled smirks on our faces.

Unbridled egotism and self- hatred is the issue with these people, not sex.

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Wonderful clarity of thought and expression Janice. Everyone should read this.

Do men generally enjoy sex more than women? I think so, and I dont assume that it is just with me, although it may be. How could I know? As a young man there was much publicly for the idea that the considerate lover would ensure an orgasm in his partner. To do otherwise was just selfish. Men were not generally opposed to this idea, and I certainly was not, although my motivations were less that 100% altruistic. More orgasims might mean more sex.

But orgasms are unpredictable, and a man striving to produce an orgasim in a woman that may not want one, must border on the annoying. Sometimes less is more. I doubt that a bad attitude in a female can be overcome by mere perseverance by a man.

I am attracted to the idea that the difference in sexual enjoyment is biological and millions of years old. Sexual dimorphism in mammals indicates male competition for females, but if you add stone tools to the mix, then sexual competition become a murderous lurch towards hominid extinction. The question which then arises is what stopped it? In a word, I think, "teamwork". There must have been a positive force in favour of gender role specialisation from both genders for the hunter (male) gatherer (female lifestyle evolution to be possible. Stone tools and weapons made women much less defenceless, and separation from men possible, and made men better hunters of a wider range of prey. Having killed say, a Kurdu, a man might carry it back to camp knowing he can expect a warm welcome from the Missus, which a semi-permanent lust augments. Women still often give sex to men who feed them. Indeed, some modern Women demand it as a precondition.

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